Fuji Technologies Pte Ltd was established in 2001 as a sales representative company for Fuji Electric Instruments Co., Ltd. The establishment of this new identity is to enhance our marketing support of Fuji Electric instruments to our distribution network in this region. Prior to the establishment, Fuji Electric Instruments has been operating as part of Fuji Electric Singapore since 1993.

In order to be able to meet our customer expectation, Fuji Technologies  had established her own service center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia under Micres Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd in 2001. Our staff in Micres, being former employee of our distributors, are well versed to service Fuji Electric instruments. To further enhance their capacities, the staff of Micres was sent to our Japan factory several times for job attachments as well as for advance training.

To contribute to the global environment effort, Fuji Technologies established a new division in 2003 to include a new range of environmental products.


Fuji Technologies is dedicated to support our customer by providing fast response, aggressive pricing to meet our user expectation and with our "TOTAL SOLUTION" capability.

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